Miele 60cm Built-in Full-Fledged Steam Combination Oven, Black Clean Steel

20,112.35 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology.
  • Sets new standards regarding brilliance and user convenience - MTouch.
  • Custom and precise temperature control - cook with the food probe.
  • Very convenient - water container is behind motorized fascia panel.
  • Plenty of space to be creative - the XL cooking compartment.
  • Clean Touch Steel™Front.
  • Motorized control panel.
  • 3 rack levels.
  • XL cavity.
  • Removable side racks with PerfectClean.
  • Double halogen lamps.
  • Removable side racks with PerfectClean.
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Miele 60cm Built-in Steam Oven With Discreet Display Integrated Sensors, Black Clean Steel

8,424.90 SAR
( VAT Included )
Built-in steam oven with discreet display and integrated sensors for easy operation. MultiSteam: Perfection just as you like it Success guaranteed: fast and even distribution of steam in the cabinet and around cooking containers. Easy cleaning: No limescale: thanks to external steam generation cleaning is quick and easy. Large cooking compartment and large tray size: Using the entire depth: large quantities can be cooked at once, saving time and energy.
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