AEG 46cm Built-in Fully Integrated Microwave Oven with Grill 25.37 Liter, Stainless Steel

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  • Microwave for fully integrated built-in installation.
  • Microwave oven with grill 25.37 Liter.
  • Built-in possibilities in combination with other appliances: Below worktop, above the oven.
  • Door opening mechanism: Electronic.
  • Cooking modes: grill, microwave, microwave & grill.
  • Microwave power: 900 Watt, 5 levels.
  • Grill power: 800 Watt.
  • Quick start function at full power with 30 sec. intervals.
  • Automatic defrosting programs by weight.
  • Child lock.
  • End of cook cycle signal.
  • LED display.
  • Touch control power selection.
  • Electronic clock with timer.
  • 3 programmed functions can be put in a sequence.
  • Internal light.
  • Turntable diameter and material: 325 mm, glass.
  • Included accessories: Grill rack, Low grill rack.

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SKU: MBE2658DEM Categories: , Tags: , , ,

Defrost Food Quickly and Efficiently

Frozen flavors are unlocked quickly with the microwave oven’s defrost function. Select the food type and weight. The microwave will start after automatically calculating the time required. This ensures fast results while preserving the taste and texture of every ingredient.

Instant Access to Customized Functions

Frequently used microwave settings can be saved and accessed quickly with favorite functions. Once a customized program has been set, simply activate it via the star-shaped icon. No need to remember the exact settings each time. It’s convenience, at a touch.

A Sleek Design for Quick Cleaning

Cleaning is at its most convenient with this microwave oven. Its sleek design means that there is nowhere for dirt to get stuck. No buttons. Just a smooth glass surface. Ensuring a spotless finish every single time.


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  • AEG was founded as the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität in 1883 by Emil Rathenau.
  • A merger with subsidiary Telefunken AG and subsequent acquisitions by Daimler AG and finally Electrolux shaped AEG into the forward-thinking company it is now.
  • Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at AEG.
  • It is the driving force behind our best-known inventions for the home, from creating the first electric refrigerator to the first heat pump technology for tumble dryers.
  • It is the inspiration behind our sustainable materials. It’s our history and our future.

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